Land Management

Unlike most First Nations across Canada, Westbank Lands are not governed under the Indian Act. Rather, Westbank Lands are governed under a modern comprehensive set of community laws. WFN has full jurisdictional control over Westbank Lands and resources.

Westbank First Nation is comprised of five reserves. Tsinstikeptum Reserves 9 and 10 border Okanagan Lake and are in close proximity to the City of Kelowna, one of the fastest growing cities in British Columbia

WFN is governed under the Westbank Self Government Act; the WFN Self Government Agreement between WFN and the Government of Canada is dated October 3rd 2003; the use and development of Westbank Lands is subject to Part XI of the WFN Constitution (the “Land Rules”).

  • Westbank Lands remain section 91(24) lands, lands reserved for Indians under the Canadian Constitution
  • All existing interests in Westbank Lands prior to self-government were recognized and continued in accordance with their terms and conditions after self-government
  • Sets out the rules and admistrative structures for land management and administration of Westbank Lands
  • Establishes types of interests in Westbank Lands
  • WFN will continue to administer pre-Self-Government instruments in place of the Minister
  • Member approval needed for long term leases/licences on Community Lands
  • Subject to WFN Laws, Council approval is no longer required for private land transactions (e.g. leases, morgages & transfers


    Westbank Land Registry Office
    Lynn Vanderburg, Director of Lands

    201 – 515 Highway 97 South
    Kelowna, BC
    Canada V1Z 3J2

    T 250 769 4999
    F 250 769 2443

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